How Beef Sausages are Made

Sausages being fried

Making beef sausages is very easy and I’m not going to complicate the process.

Things you need to make beef sausage @ home.

Fresh Beef Salt/ seasoning

Sausage tubing device/covering

Meat grinder


cooking device

Procedure of making beef sausages.

Meat cut into small pieces

Cut the beef into small pieces to make it easy to grind.

Season the small pieces of meat to taste. There are many types of meat seasoning you can use, however don’t forget to add salt.

meat grinder

Grind the small pieces of meat using the meat grinder. ( You can experiment with a normal high powered blender/ grinder and see how it turns out).

In a clean bowl, mix the blended meat by hand until it’s quite sticky. ( The meat fat enables this process, if the meat is short on fat you can add some dry powdered milk during the seasoning process)

sausage covering machine

Use the sausage tubing device to put the blended meat into the edible flexible sausage tubing.

After the tubing process is completed, cut them into shorter sausage sizes while ensuring that the blended meat is enclosed within its flexible covering.

From this stage on, you can put the fresh sausage in a fridge for a while to strengthen its flexible covering.

Next is to cook/ boil or roast the sausages until it is almost done.

At this stage the sausages can now be packaged and refrigerated if not to be used immediately. Otherwise finalize the cooking of the sausages by light frying/roasting.

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