How to Cook Beef Stew

Typical Nigerian Beef Stew

Beef stew is a very common type of stew cooked globally. There are many variations of it. This article explains  a basic simple way to prepare beef stew.

Basic Ingredients for beef stew

Meat: The meat should be spiced and cooked by any cooking methods you prefer. i.e. boiling, roasting, frying, oven drying, etc. The meat should be cut into small pieces such that it is easy to hold and eat.

Blended pepper, tomatoes and onions:

This should be blended in the right proportions. For every two parts of tomatoes, one part of pepper can be added, even that may be too much depending on the type of pepper. Amount of onions may just be about 10% or less of the amount of tomatoes. However, experience will easily tell you the right combination/proportions suitable for you and family. Make sure not to add too much water when blending the pepper mixture unless you might end up with a soup instead of stew.

Cooking oil

You can use palm oil or any type of vegetable oil. You are better off with cholesterol free oils.

Seasoning/Spices & salt

These are flavourings to make the stew taste better or the way you want it to taste. Add salt to taste.

General method of cooking beef stew

1.Put a small amount of cooking oil into the cooking pot and heat up until it is near hot.

2. Next add the blended pepper and cook for about 7 minutes on medium heat. 

3. Next add the chopped pieces of already cooked meat and stir the mixture.

4. Let it cook for a minute or two then add your seasoning/spices and salt to taste. Stir the stew and let it cook for another two minutes, then it is done.

There are many ways of cooking beef stew, some might prefer to have the pepper, tomatoes and onions chopped instead of blending smooth, you can also cook with other type of vegetables, fishes, crayfish and so on.

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