Buying and Cooking Beef


The term, ‘beef’ , refers to the flesh of a cow or bull. It’s a common source of protein for people all over the world. Beef when properly cooked is very delicious. You can be one addicted to eating beef. Beef belongs to the Class of meat called red meat. Beef contains a lot of nutrients including; Proteins, Fat, Vitamin b12, Zinc, Selenium,Vitamin B3, Iron.

Buying beef.

There are many places where you can buy beef. You can buy at supermarkets ( usually frozen), butchers stores and meat farm ( buying directly from people who raised the animal. However the best place to buy beef is from the farm or a butcher’s store. This is because you can see the source of the meat you are buying. Meat you buy should look fresh, not pale or frozen burnt, should smell nice/ fresh.

Cooking beef

There are many methods of cooking beef including boiling, frying, grilling, roasting etc. The easiest way to cook beef is boiling with salt and spices. Types of cooking beef ranges from 10 to 20 minutes. Roasting, frying, grilling gives cooked meat a wide range of tastes and these tastes vary based on the part of the cow or bull the meat is cut from. The figure below shows major parts of a cow meat.

part of beef

Eating beef ( precautions)

Control the amount of beef you eat, too much of it may not be good for you.Make sure the beef you eat is properly cooked. Eating semi cooked meat is dangerous to health. You should not eat more than 700g of red meat per week according to health practitioners.

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