Some Windows Explorer Shortcuts

Have you ever looked for the windows explorer icon in your windows 10 PC to no avail, to deliver yourself from this trouble, just Press Windows key+E to open a new instance of File Explorer directly. 

 Alt+Up Arrow.  Go up one level . 

 Alt+Left Arrow.  Go to the previous folder in history.

Alt+Right Arrow.  Go to the next folder in history. 

Alt+D.  Move the focus to the address bar and select the current path. 

 F4.  Move the insertion point to the address bar and display the contents of the drop-down menu of previous addresses. 

Alt+Enter.  Show properties of the selected file. 

Tab.  Cycle through the following elements: navigation pane, file list, column headings, address bar, search box .

 F11.  Switch in and out of full-screen mode. 

Ctrl+Shift+N.  Create a new subfolder in the current folder. 

Ctrl+Shift+E.  Expand the navigation pane to the current  folder.

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