Troubleshooting Surface or Submersible Water Pumps

submersible water pump & control box

Pump will not start

Possible causes:

Faulty electrical circuit.

Faulty pump.


Check fuses,  capacitor, switches and wiring, control box; replace worn or damaged components.

Have pump repaired or replaced.

Pump will not stop working.

Possible causes:

Faulty pump switch.


Repair or replace switch or control box.

Pump starts but stops often

Possible causes:

Malfunctioning control box, circuit breakers.

Malfunctioning pump/ pump motor.


Repair or replace control box. 

Check for any obstruction to pump motor and remove.

Repair or replace pump motor.

Repair/ replace pump/ pump motor.

Pump is working but no water is being pumped

Possible causes:

Inadequate prime.

Inadequate well capacity.

Blockage at pump intake.


Prime pump.

Switch off pump untill well refills or extend pump intake to a lower level.

Check for any obstruction inside pump or piping.

Pump is working but with excessive noise

Possible causes:

Worn motor bearings of pump.

Faulty pump mount.

Sticking valves in piston pumps.


Repair of replace motor bearings.

Check for any loose pump mount fittings; repair or replace.

Have pump repaired or replaced.

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