How the Vacuum Cleaner Works

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner s are used to suck up dust, debris and even liquid waste from our houses and environment. Vacuum cleaners come in various shapes and sizes. The bigger they are, the more powerful they can suck up dirt.

How Vacuum Cleaners Work

Vacuum Cleaners consists of 3 major components; 

  • The suction hose
  • The collecting bag or bin
  • The air blowing electric motor.
Vacuum Cleaner showing

The electric motor blows air Inside the vacuum cleaner. This creates a vacuum that then forces the dirt up the suction pipe into a collecting bar or container. The collecting bag or filter is porous, enabling air to pass through. If the air flow through the vacuum cleaner is impeded,it won’t properly suck up dirt. Note that as the dirt collecting bag fills up or the filters become clogged, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner reduces. It is best to empty the collecting bag when it is halfway full.

Troubleshooting your vacuum cleaner.

The most common problem of the vacuum cleaner that people often complain about is that it loses suction power. This problem is easy to fix. Remember that when airflow is impeded, the vacuum cleaner loses suction power. The number of ways airflow can be impeded is as follows;

  • The dirt/dust collecting bag is full
  • The vacuum filters are clogged
  • The suction pipe is blocked

Resolving the issue respectively is to empty the dirt/dust collecting bag, clean or replace the clogged filters , through the suction pipe.

Now, if the above remedies do not solve the problem, then the vacuum cleaner needs to be serviced by a qualified personnel.

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