How you can troubleshoot your submersible water pump

submersible water pump

When your submersible pump stops working, don’t just rush to call the technician for repairs. There are still some troubleshooting you can do yourself and save some costs.

Your submersible water pump should come fitted with a control box. Inside the control box is fitted a circuit breaker and capacitor.

control box of submersible water pump

The first thing you can do yourself if your pump doesn’t work is to open up its control box and check if the capacitor isn’t blown. In most cases this is usually the case. If it applies to you just replace the capacitor with  an original one of the same type.

Sometimes it might be the circuit breaker that is faulty, you can replace that yourself too as well. 

If it’s not possible to change only the faulty capacitor or circuit breaker, just change the whole control box.

If after changing the control box, the pump still doesn’t work or trips off after a while, then the  problem might be with the pump itself. Get a technician to service it. 

If the coil of the water pump has burnt, then it is advisable to buy a new one rather than repairing it.

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