How to make candle yourself. DIY


Materials needed to make candle are;

candle wax

Candle wax

Stearic acid

Paraffin oil

Paraffin oil 




Colour (optional)

To make about 320g of candle you will need the following quantities of materials;

Candle wax: 320g

Paraffin oil:10ml

Stearic acid:

Wick: 1m

1 mould


Cut the candle wax into small pieces.

Place a pot on a cooker and set it on low heat. 

Put all the pieces of candle wax into the  pot and stir until it is all melted. 

Add the paraffin oil and stearic acid into the melted candle wax and mix all together. You can also add colour at this stage if you like.

Remove the pot from the cooking heat.

Wait for it to cool for about 45 minutes, the mixture would have become semi solid by that time.

Place the wick inside the mould and ensure it is at the center of it.

Using a spoon,  fill up the mould with the semisolid candle wax mixture, ensuring that the wick is approximately always at the center throughout the procedure.

Leave it in the mould for about 3 days  for the candle wax mixture to fully solidify, then remove the mould.

Your DIY candle is ready.

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