How to make Pop Corn at Home

home made popcorn

Making your own popcorn at home is fast and easy. All you need is corn grains ( that can pop), butter or vegetable oil, sugar and a cooking pot that has a thick base.

Make sure you purchase popcorn grains. Not all corn grains are suitable for popcorn.

Procedure for making popcorn

Put butter the size of a teaspoon into the cooking pot ,place it on a cooker and melt on medium heat.

Next, put in some popcorn grains and use a spoon to mix with the melted butter. 

popcorn mixed with melted butter

Cover the pot and wait for all the corn grains to pop.

Switch off the cooker, open the pot cover and add sugar to the popcorn and stir gently.

sugar added to popcorn

Popcorn is ready to be served.

Further Notes on making popcorn

Make sure you cover the pot while corn is looking otherwise the popcorn will fall to the ground.

Use low to medium heat to cook your popcorn otherwise it might get burnt.

After  all the corn has popped, switch off the cooker before adding sugar and mixing with the popcorn. Otherwise the sugar will melt and then burn giving your popcorn a burnt taste.

Don’t put too many corn grains in the pot. The amount of grains you put should barely cover the base of the cooking pot

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