How to make Quick Mayonnaise

Homemade mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is getting expensive these days. I know you have heard you can make it on your own at home. It is true, I have tried it and it worked.

Ingredients you need to make your homemade mayonnaise

  • Vegetable oil
  • One egg
  • Pinch of salt
  • Sugar to taste
  • Lemon/vinegar

Vegetable oil should be of good quality, canola oil, Avocado oil, soya oil and the normal vegetable oil will work.

The egg should be fresh and of good quality otherwise mayonnaise will not form. Note that it is the egg and oil that forms the mayonnaise. The rest ingredients are just to give taste/flavour and preserve.

Just a pinch of salt. 

You can add sugar to taste. 

2 teaspoons of either lemon or vinegar juice should do. It adds flavour and preserves the mayonnaise.

Equipment you will need

  • Blender/mixer

Any blender or mixer will do. 

Procedure of making Mayonnaise (Using a blender)

Put the egg, pinch of salt, two teaspoons of lemon or vinegar Into the blender jar and cover it. 

Set the machine to the lowest setting then mix. 

Next open the hole provided within the cover of the blender jar, switch on the blender then very slowly pour the vegetable oil into the jar as it mixes.

The sound of the blender will change when the mixture has thickened. That is your homemade mayonnaise.Switch off the blender. Store the mayonnaise in a bottled container and use within 24 hours.

[Optional] You can also add two or more teaspoons of sugar to the mayonnaise and mix for two seconds in the blender if you like.

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