How to Apply for Nigerian Passport Online

Nigerian Passport

To apply for your Nigerian Passport online just go to;

and follow the prompts.

The application process is easy and it involves the following steps;

  • Fill the form and select a passport processing centre.
  • Choose a payment option and make a payment.
  • Book an appointment for biometric enrolment.
  • Proceed for enrolment on your scheduled date.
  • Wait for Passport pick-up notification (via SMS).

A form will be presented to you to fill in the type of passport you want. After successfully filling your information, the amount to pay will be shown.

To know the total amount your application will cost, you can use the quick tools app located within the webpage to determine the amount to pay.

Cost of different types/sizes of Nigerian Passport. (Official prices)

Passport with 32 pages and 5 year validity:  ₦25,000

Passport with 64 pages and 5 year validity: ₦35,000

Passport with 64 pages and 10 year validity: ₦70,000

Information / documents you may need depending on your circumstances 

  • National Identification Number. NIN .
  • Local Government letter of identification.
  • Birth certificate / age declaration.
  • Recent colour passport photographs taken with white background.
  • Guarantor’s form sworn to before a commissioner of Oaths / Magistrate /  High Court Judge.
  • Parents’ letter of consent for minors under 16 years.
  • Marriage certificate where applicable.
  • Police report incase of lost passport.

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