Visa types Offered by the United States.

Type of Visa Function
AFor foreign government officials
A-2, NATO 1-6Military personnel of a foreign country
B-1Athletes competing for prize money
Business Visitors
Nannies and domestic employees
B-2Visitors/Tourists, Visitors for medical treatment.
BCCMexican border crossing
CTransit in US
Dcrew members serving on aircrafts
E1&E2Treaty traders and investors
E3Australian professionals and special workers
F1Academic students
F2Dependents of F1 visa holders
G1-G5, NATODesignated international employees and NATO

Physicians and highly specialised occupations requiring specific industry knowledge
H2-ATemporary workers for seasonal agriculture
H2-BTemporary workers for non-agricultural professions
H3Primarily non-employment training programs
H1-CNurse travelling to areas that have shortage of health care professionals
IJournalists and information media representatives
JExchange visitors, international cultural exchange visitors
J-1Au- pairs exchange visitors.
Professors, teachers, scholars as exchange visitors
J-2Children of J-1 Visa under the age of 21 years
K-1 Fiance
LIntra company transferees
M-1 For Vocational students
M-1Dependants of M-1 holder
O-1Foreign nationals possessing excellent abilities in the field of art and science
Pfor artists, entertainers and athletes
Qfor international, cultural exchange visitors
Rreilgious workers
TN/TDMexican and Canadian NAFTA professional workers
T-1human trafficking victims
U-1Victims of crime, criminal activities

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