Buying , Using and Maintaining Tools

Use the right tools to open up that machine or appliance.Use the right tools for the right job. Even the best quality tool is no good if it is unsuited to the job at hand.

For instance, trying to use a knife to turn a Philip head screw can lead to some difficulty. In some cases, it could even damage the screw head rendering it unscrewable.

It pays to buy the tools you need to open up an appliance. This is what professionals do. There are lots of low quality tools in the market, so beware. 

To make your tools last longer, give them good maintenance. 

Keep unused tools covered with a thin coat of oil. This can easily be achieved by putting a few drops on a clean rag and wiping it over the tool. Also apply oil on moving parts of tools such as locking grip pliers and adjustable wrenches.

Protect edges of cutting tools by preventing them from banging other tools. You can hang them on nails or pegboards. You can also place them in a protective cloth and put in a drawer

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