What to plaster your House?, these are the materials you will need

house plastering

In many places, the term, plaster In building construction means cement sand rendering of block constructed walls.

Materials you will need for this type of works are;

Ordinary Portland cement.

Fine Sand.

Clean water.

Sand required should not contain too much clay, or too cohesive. It must also not be too loose. Water used must be clean water of drinking quality. Using dirty water can affect the quality of the plaster or render.


Skilled renderers and  unskilled labourers are required. A skilled renderer is usually a mason. Good quality rendering depends on the skill of the renderer, so get a good one to do the work for you. The unskilled labour, hand mixes the plastering material and transports it to the point of application.

Mixing ratio of Cement Sand rendering

The mixing ratio is usually 1:6, that is one part of cement to 6 parts of sand. For stronger rendering the mixing ratio can be as high as 1:3.

Calculation of the amount of cement and sand  required.

A skilled mason can easily estimate the amount of cement and sand required. You can also do it yourself. Click on the article link below for details;


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