The English Premier League at Match Day 29

Manchester City are still top of the premier league with 70 points. They dropped points at Crystal Palace after being held to a 0-0 draw. Liverpool who are presently in second place can reduce the gap to a single point if they win their game in hand.

Chelsea are third with 59 points and set to consolidate their position in top 4. They won a hard fought victory over Newcastle last time out and they are looking good.

Arsenal complete the top 4 with 51 points and 3 games in hand. Arsenal are in good form presently. 

Manchester United are 5th with 50 points. They must keep winning games to stand a chance of a top 4 finish.

Westham United have lost form, formerly in the top 4, they now occupy 6th on the table. It is almost impossible for them to make the top 4.

Watford, Burnley and Norwich City occupy 18th, 19th and 20th position respectively. They are in the relegation zone. Everton are not far off thanks to their better goal difference over Watford.

Spurs may end up mid-table this season. They occupy 8th position presently and are stable.

 Leicester City that occupied the top 4 almost throughout last season, find themselves in 12th position with 33 points.

As the premier league approaches the end these are questions that will be answered before then;

Will Manchester City retain their title?

Can Arsenal / Manchester United make the top 4?

Will Everton be relegated?

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