How to determine the realistic cost of workmanship for a building construction work

Sometimes paying high cost for workmanship doesn’t usually result in a good quality job. And too low a cost for workmanship can be an excuse for a shoddy job. You don’t also want to feel cheated by overpaying for workmanship.

There are standard rates of pay for workmanship in the building industry. It is determined by economic forces and so the rate changes from time to time.

Here are tips to help you get a good economy rate and quality workmanship.

You can ask a building contractor or someone who usually gets building construction jobs on  a regular basis. 

You can also look for or place an advert for professionals to come and access the work to be done and give their quotations. Make sure you ask each one of  them questions on areas of the work you need more clarity. Their individual quotations and how satisfied you are on how they will undertake the job will enable you to choose economically, the right professional for the job.

Beware of middle men, they pose as professionals but they are not. A middle man may charge incredibly higher fees so that if he gets the job, he passes it on to a professional who he pays the normal rates or even much lower. 

 Also, if you know a friend or someone who has done a similar project , you can ask him to get you the professional he or she used.

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