How to Schedule and attend a US Visa interview

Scheduling and attending a US visa interview is in four stages;

  1. Fill the DS 160 form online for free in the US consulate website
  2. Pay for the US visa interview fee.
  3. Choose a favorable date for an interview online.
  4. Attend the interview

Filling the DS 160 form

You can access the DS 160 form from the United States consulate website @ Follow the instructions on the website to obtain and fill your DS 160 form online for free.

Before you start filling the form make sure you have at hand, detailed information about yourself including educational and work history, marital status and so on. You should also have detailed information about your siblings, father, mother and other extended family members. You must have gathered all information about your purpose of visit to the United States, Including the place you are going to and the person or institution you will visit or stay.

Filling the DS 160 form correctly is the first step to a successful visa interview. If you are not sure of the information you want to fill in, take time to find out correctly before proceeding.

Make sure you are on a very good internet connection otherwise you will have problems filling the form. Don’t use a proxy. Use a laptop or desktop PC instead of a smartphone.

Upon successful filling of DS 160 form, you will print a confirmation report which includes your confirmation number. Your confirmation number will be required when you want to schedule a visa interview.

How to pay the US interview fee

Fee for your US visa interview will be paid at GT bank. Just walk into any of the bank’s branches with your Nigeria Passport and tell the banker that you want to pay for US visa

interview. At the end of the payment process you will be given a receipt which contains your details as it is written on your passport with a unique payment confirmation number.

Choose a favourable date for US visa interview

To schedule an interview go to

Before you can register to choose an interview date, make sure you have the DS 160 confirmation slip and the visa fee receipt from GT bank. You will need some information on those two slips to register and book for an interview. After successful registration, you will proceed to select a date for your visa interview. Look for a favourable date and time. If you can’t find one,then You can always log back in every day or so until you find a favourable date.

Attend the interview

Make sure you get to the interview venue on time. The questions you will be asked will be based on the information you provided when filling the DS 160 form. Try not to contradict yourself and demonstrate full knowledge of what you are going to be doing in the United States. Go with documents that can support your case such as bank account statements within the last 3 months, marriage certificate, scholarships, admission letters, land documents etc. 

Truth be told that you are more likely to be denied a US visa at your first attempt. So prepare very well. If you are not successful, don’t be discouraged. Try to figure out why you weren’t given the visa then try again with an updated information.

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