Facts about Engine Oil Consumption

Pouring fresh engine oil

Functions of engine oil:

Engine oil has the primary functions of lubrication and cooling the inside of the engine. The engine oil inside of a car engine is similar to blood inside of a human being. If the engine oil inside your car is not well taken care of, the engine will not last.

Engine oil consumption:

It is normal that an engine should consume some oil during a normal working process. The reasons for engine consumption are as follows.

Oil is used to lubricate pistons, piston rings and cylinders. A thin film of oil is left on the cylinder wall when a piston moves downwards in a cylinder. High negative pressure generated when the vehicle is decelerating sucks some of this oil into the combustion chamber. This oil as well as some part of the oil film left in the cylinder wall is burned by the high temperature during the combustion process.

Oil is also used to lubricate the stems if the intake valves. Some of this oil is sucked into the combustion chamber together with the intake air and is burned along with the fuel. High temperature exhaust gases also burn the oil used to lubricate the exhaust valve stems.

The amount of engine oil consumed depends on the viscosity of the oil, the quality of the oil and the conditions the vehicle is driven under.

More oil is consumed by high speed driving, frequent acceleration and deceleration.

A new engine consumes more oil because it’s pistons, rings and cylinder walls have not become conditioned.

Importance of engine oil level check

One if the important habit of vehicle maintenance is to keep the engine oil at the optimum level. This will keep the engine in optimal working conditions. It is essentially that the oil level be checked regularly. At least chect the engine oil level everytime you refuel your car.

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