How You Can Repair Your Faulty Electrical Appliance Yourself

Repair tools

I don’t advise that you fix your faulty electrical appliance yourself if you are not a professional at it. However if you still want to fix it yourself, follow the guidelines stated below.

  1. Consult your warranty if it still remains in force or valid. You will render your warranty void if you attempt repairs yourself unless you don’t mind.
  2. First try a simple solution to see if it would fix the problem before going complex.
  3. Take safety precautions before you begin working in the appliance. Cut off electricity or water or both to the appliance before working on it.
  4. Be systemic, understand how the system works and how the individual parts work. Identify those parts that are working well and those that don’t. Work on the parts that don’t work. Read all the repair instructions if any.Take a good look of how the individual parts are arranged and coupled together.
  5. Make sure you have the correct tools to open up and repair the appliance.
  6. Know your limitations. If you feel you cannot undertake the repair yourself then call the manufacturer or a qualified service personnel.

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