Some Common Essential Cooking Methods.

There are many ways to cook. Here is just some come Methods of cooking you should be familiar with.


Boiling maize

This is a process of putting water to boil then adding the food to be cooked. Another way is to put the food in water and bring everything to a boil. Dried grains such as beans , rice can be cooked this way. And  also meat too.


steaming food

A process whereby the steam from boiling water is  used to cook the food. The food being cooked is usually suspended above the pot of boiling water

Stir frying.

stir frying

A cooking method by which what is being cooked is continuously stirred using high heat. For instance, garri is cooked this way.


roasting meat

A process of cooking uncovered food by using dry heat in a confined environment with good air circulation. When the food is done it will appear crops and brown.



The process of cooking food in an enclosed space with moderate to high  heat in the presence of moisture.  Examples of food cooked this way are bread, cake, meat pie and so on.

Deep frying

Deep frying

A process of submerging food to be cooked in  a lot of hot oil. The pan used is a deep one. When cooked the result is crisp, moist or dry, light brown coloured food.

Pan frying.

Pan frying

A process of cooking food with just the right amount of oil and no water added. The pan used is a shallow one unlike the deep frying method 

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