Should you root your Android Phone?

Galaxy note 8

Rooting a phone means gaining access to some special settings within the phone which have been locked by the manufacturers.

As much as there is gain in rooting your phone, there is also the danger of your phone malfunctioning or even becoming unusable.

Ideally you should not have any reason to root your phone. From my own experience the positives are far lesser than the negatives. Also rooting your phone makes it vulnerable to all kinds of malicious and virus attacks. Your phone won’t run faster than it was when it was unrooted.

One reason why you may be tempted to root your phone is when you accidentally deleted a file and you want to recover it. Most apps you download to recover deleted files will ask that you root the phone. And at the end of the day even after rooting, nothing is found, but you have only unlocked your phone’s security features and are now open to virus and spam attacks.

As Google continues to upgrade its Android system, and the fact that apps can now do functions which before would have required rooting your phone, it has now become largely unnecessary to root your phone.

Most people who root their phones end up damaging it in the end.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t root your phone, but only if you have a genuine reason for doing so. 

If you are a developer of android operating systems, you can root your android phone because you want to get the very best out of it and you know what you are doing.

If you are not a developer, just a normal end user, then DON’T ROOT YOUR PHONE!

Just enjoy the phone capabilities as they are or get a better one.

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