Hardware Specs to look out for when Purchasing a Gaming Laptop

Predator gaming laptop

Now I won’t waste your time on this. When you want to purchase a laptop that is suitable for gaming, look out for these four hardware components.

  1. Type of CPU and speed
  2. Amount of RAM
  3. Type of main Storage
  4. Dedicated Graphics Processing Unit( GPU)

CPU should be a core I series. Like Intel’s Core i3 and above. On the other hand AMD 6 and above should be good for PC gaming. The more powerful the CPU, the better the gaming experience.

A laptop / PC for gaming should have at least 8GB of RAM. Most of the time 4GB isn’t adequate.

Laptops installed with Solid State Drive (SSD) will normally produce better gaming performance than the traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD).

If you are serious about purchasing a gaming laptop then don’t purchase a laptop without a dedicated Graphics processor or GPU. A GPU with a dedicated memory of 1GB is a good start as you will be able to play a lot of mid range pc games and some highly CPU & GPU demanding games like Fifa, Resident Evil 3 Remastered and so on.

Note that gaming laptops are more expensive than Normal Laptops. All gaming laptops have a dedicated GPU while normal laptops don’t. A more advanced GPU will produce a better gaming experience.

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