Games Available for PlayStation plus Members this December (2021)

The games downloadable this month ( December 2021) for for PlayStation plus members is as follows;

DC Super Villains 

GO on an all-new adventure by becoming the best villain the universe has ever seen. Players will be able to  create and play as an all-new super-villain throughout the game. Wreak havoc and unleash new mischievous antics in a new action-packed story. 

Mortal Shell

Test your ruthlessness, resilience, and sanity in this broken world of mortal shell. In this world only those with superior instincts survive.Mortal Shell.


Hunt for loot and legendary armor while defeating your enemies. Action packed fight adventure game.

The dead walking saints & sinners (VR)

Fight and survive the horrors of the walking dead. A free roam VR game.

The Persistence (VR game)

Save a deep space star colony from destruction.

Until You Fall

Prepare for the fight of your life until you fall. An action packed fantasy world virtual reality  video game

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