RCC 31 for Continous Design of One Way Slabs

The original RCC 31 is a free spreadsheet program for the design of one way slabs. It designs to BS 8110 1997.

RCC 31 can design up to 6 slabs at once in a continuous design. It determines top and bottom reinforcement for each design slab in a neat and orderly manner.

The spreadsheet considers critical load cases, and checks that deflection is satisfied.

By default it designs utilizing moment redistribution but you can choose otherwise.

RCC 31 is not a garbage in garbage out software. It clearly tells you if your design is valid or not and gives error messages that can help troubleshoot your design.

Within the spreadsheet only green cells are editable.

Parameters required for a successful design include

strength and factor of safety of concrete and steel.

Span and thickness of slabs.

Loadings: Dead and live loads either as distributed/pointed loads.

The original RCC 31 is a public release program. Check the notes tab for details.

The spreadsheet best runs on the desktop version of Microsoft Excel. 


you will be taken to a RCC spreadsheets page, look for RCC 31 and download.

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