Cool things you can do with your PS4

Ps4 console

The primary use of the PlayStation 4(PS4) is for Video gaming. And it can do a lot more. These are some of the cool things you can do with your PS4 and its accessories.

  1. Premium video gaming with high definition display.
  2. 3D Virtual reality gaming.
  3. Watch movies on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Sony and similar movie/video streaming platforms.
  4. Record and edit your gaming sessions and upload on YouTube.
  5. Connect to amplifier or external speakers using its optional optical out.
  6. Play online with real people using the PS4 console.
  7. Voice chatting
  8. Connect  compatible USB / bluetooth keyboard for data input.
  9. Internet browsing.
  10. Purchasing digital games and apps from the PlayStation and approved stores.
  11. Play DVD’s and Blu-ray DVD’s
  12. Watch YouTube videos.
  13. Play music on Spotify. 
  14. Play movies and pictures on your USB stick.
  15. Use the PS4 controller as a remote controller for compatible Sony TVs.
  16. Updating and troubleshooting PS4 using USB stick.
  17. Online game progress storage on PlayStation servers.
  18. Use PS4 controllers to play Windows based PC games with the aid of software.

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