About the RCC 51 Column Load Take Down Spreadsheet to BS 8110

Rcc 51 screenshot

In reinforced concrete pad footing design, one of the major questions asked is how to calculate the axial load and moments acting on the foundation columns.

Doing these calculations by hand can be tedious and time consuming.

You can use RCC 51, a spreadsheet program  that calculates the load from the structure that is acting on the pad footing.

It is known as column load take down. Recall that columns carry loads transferred from the slab and beams down to the pad footing foundation. RCC 51 will help you calculate the load acting on a particular pad footing as well as moments. It can also check if the column parameters you entered will lead to a short or slender column.

RCC51 designs to BS 8110 1997.

You can download RCC51 from RCC spreadsheets PAGE.

Or click the link below


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