Frame Structure Analysis ( reinforced concrete design) RCC 21.

RCC subframe analysis is a structural analysis program created with Microsoft Excel. It is used for structural analysis and design moments and shear forces of reinforced concrete framed structures. It is very effective for the calculations of design moments of columns and beams. 

It can handle up to six spans and seven supports. It gives you design beam moments as well as column moments above and below the beams.

It also considers the main 3 load cases so the design moments calculated are actually of the worst case.

Once you know what you are to fill in the input boxes ( blue texted ) you will certainly get the correct moments and shear forces values.

It is very easy to understand once you know how the structure you are designing is framed. For better understanding on how to use this software I will refer you to framed structural analysis examples in the book titled Reinforced Concrete Design by Mosley & Bungey 5th edition. Check out the worked examples on pages 30-32 & 33 – 39.

If you are a student, this software will greatly help you in your knowledge of structural analysis. It will greatly aid your what if scenarios. 

If you are a professional and you don’t have the money to purchase analysis and design software this is a great free alternative.

To download the software visit THIS PAGE

then scroll down till you see RCC 21 Subframe Analysis.xls and download.

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