How to make Palm Kernel Seed Oil

Palm Kernel seed oil

Palm kernel seed oil has a lot of health benefits particularly in babies and toddlers. It is said to prevent convulsions in babies. When applied to a baby’s head it also helps to close the gap in the baby’s skull.

Palm Kernel seed oil is oil that is extracted from palm kernel seeds. It should not be confused with palm oil. To get the palm kernel seeds, you will have to break the hard shell covering them.


Note: The process generates a lot of smoke so do it in a well ventilated room or outside the house.

Put the palm kernel seeds into a stainless steel pot and place on the cooker with moderate heat applied. Continue stirring the seeds in the pot as they are being fried ( do not add water). 

Continue stirring until oil forms. When a substantial quantity of oil has formed you can drain  it through an iron net sieve.

When oil has been fully extracted from the palm kernel seeds, the seeds will appear burnt.

The whole process can take over 30 mins depending on the type of pot used, cooking heat applied and the amount of seeds being processed.

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