Quick Paper Mache and Crafting

How to make paper mache at home quickly and use it to do Craft work.


Get waste papers and tear them  into little pieces.

Soak  in a bowl of water.

Prepare corn or cassava starch With hit water. If the hot water doesn’t thicken the starch, cook it.

Blend the soaked paper, use water to blend.

Place the blender paper on a sieve and lightly squeeze the blend to reduce water content.

Next, put the  blended paper in a bowl and mix thoroughly with the cooked starch. Your paper mache is ready for Craft work.

To mould a small eating bowl  with your hands, use a bowl in your kitchen to serve as the mould. Leave you paper mache Craft work to dry in the sun. It can take up to 3 days depending on the thickness of the craft.

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