How to Optimize Your PC for Gaming Sessions


Before dedicated gaming consoles came, people played games on their PCs. However with video games becoming more advanced requiring larger computing power. The need for dedicated gaming consoles arose. However  the PC still remains the popular device for video gaming.

Most PCs are not designed  and optimized for gaming. This is the reason why even if your pc specifications meet a particular video game requirements, sometimes, the game may still run slow.

 To ensure the smoothest gaming experience at all times you need to optimize your pc each time you want to play a video game. You can do this manually using the tools your operating system provides. Or you can use some software specifically made to automate these processes and help optimize your pc faster. One of the best software that can optimize your pc for gaming is System Mechanic. To download system Mechanic just search for it on Google search. It is a paid software but you can use it for free for a limited time.

Other things you can easily do to optimize your pc for gaming.

  1. Make sure your hard disk has a lot of free space. At least 40% free space or more. The more free harddisk space you have the more smooth gameplay you will experience.
  2. Disable your antivirus before you play video games. 
  3. Regularly defragment your harddrive and RAM
  4. Remove unnecessary startup programs that activate when your pc is booting up.
  5. Instead of bringing your pc out of hibernation to play video game, do a restart instead. This will help clear unnecessary applications taking up RAM space.

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