Cement plaster/render; how its done

Cement and sand are mixed in the dry state in the adopted ratio. For plastering of walls, a cement sand ratio 1: 6 is adequate.

Water is added to achieve a workable plasticity.

Cement plaster can be applied in 2 coats or as a single coat. Plaster thickness for walls ranges from between 12mm to 20mm. Plaster thickness of between 12 and 15mm can be applied as a single coat while thickness above 15mm are applied in 2 coats.

Cement Plastering in a single coat:

Cement plaster ( single coat)

The plaster is first applied roughly at the required thickness on the wall. Wait for about 20 minutes, (After the plaster starts to set), and gradually smooth it out with a straight long rod or plank. The plastering is then finished off with a hand trowel and finally foaming. The finished work should be straight and smooth.

Cement plastering in 2 coats

Cement plaster ( double coat)

This method is necessary when the plaster thickness is above 15mm. The first coat is applied roughly on the surface of the wall. The surface of the plaster is then made zigzag to receive the second coat. The second coat can be applied when the first coat sets ( about 30mins upwards). However it should be applied by the second day at the latest.

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