How to Calculate the amount of Cement , Sand and Coarse Aggregates required for construction of Reinforced Concrete Slab

Concrete slab

In this article we will determine how much of cement , sand and coarse aggregates will be required to construct a slab of length;10m, width; 5m and thickness 0.15m(150mm)

 Reinforced concrete is in the ratio 1:2:4.

Meaning one part of cement to two parts of fine aggregates to four parts of coarse aggregates.

Volume of the slab is length x breadth x thickness.

I.e 10 x 5 x 0.15= 7.5m³.

Dividing this volume in ratio 1: 2: 4

Volume of cement is;

(1/7)x 7.5=1.07m³

The density of cement is 1500kg/m³

 density= mass/ volume

Therefore mass of cement ;

1500x 1.07= 1605kg

A bag of cement weights 50kg so dividing 1650/50= 33 bags.

Mass of sand;

Volume of sand is( 2/7 )x 7.5= 2.14m³

Density of sand is 1700kg/m³

Therefore mass of sand = density x  volume;

1700 x 2.14= 3638kg

Mass of coarse aggregates;

Volume of coarse aggregates is (4/7)× 7.5= 4.29m³

Density of coarse aggregates is 1650kg/m³

Therefore mass of coarse aggregates,

1650 x 4.29= 7078.5 kg

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