Stair Design with Excel using RCC 71

RCC 71

The RCC 71 is an excel software developed by the Reinforced concrete council for the design of staircase. It designs to BS 8110: 1997. It can be used to design stairs, flight and landing.Upon starting the program you might see a macros warning. Enable macros if possible.

All blue text data are editable. Data which you will be required to enter include, dimensions of the staircase, concrete parameters and loading.

You do not need to do any previous major calculation before using RCC 71.

In the Flight tab of RCC 71, there are 4 input sections. They are the;

Project Name Title 



and Loading sections.

In the Project title section you can input the name of the project and so on

In the materials  section you can enter parameters such as strength of concrete, strength of steel, diameter of reinforcement and so on

The dimension section is where you enter the staircase dimensions such as length of thread, riser, thickness of waist..etc. 

In the loading section, you input the imposed loading and any other additional dead loads.

The design is longitudinal so the main bars are along the length of the stairs.

The software is a free to use version. A public release version.

To download RCC 71 and other structural design excel programs 


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