About Bamboo Scaffolding

Bamboo scaffolding

What is bamboo scaffolding? 

Bamboo scaffolding is simply scaffolding using bamboo stems. It is a cheaper alternative to the conventional scaffolding that uses hollow steel columns and struts.

How is bamboo scaffolding constructed?

The bamboo stems are connected together using big five inches long nails and binding wire. The column bamboo stems must be braced. The column stems are usually spaced 1.5m apart..For added strength and rigidity, bamboo struts that support the platform on which workmen will stand are bored into the wall.

Another view of bamboo scaffolding

 How reusable is bamboo scaffolding?

Bamboo is still reusable a few times. You can also dismantle bamboo scaffolding and erect in another section of the building if you don’t have enough scaffolding to go round the whole building.

How much bamboo stems is need for a typical building?

The number of bamboo stems a building will need depends on the perimeter of the building and its height. A typical story building that is about 6m high will need about 120 bamboo stems to construct scaffolding for it at once.

How to construct bamboo scaffolding based on its properties.

Bamboo stems are very strong in compression and rigidity. Bamboo stems good for scaffolding should be at least 6cm and above.Use bamboo stems with higher diameter for struts, beams and bracings. 

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