How to make Cocoa Powder from Cocoa

Cocoa powder

Cocoa is used to make chocolate. This article will briefly expand the procedure of how you can make cocoa powder for a nourishing chocolate drink at home.

Major items you need are:



3. Frying pan ( for roasting)

4. Blender


  1. Break the Cocoa pods and extract the seeds into a container.
  2. Wash the seeds to remove the fleshy content around it. 
  3. Sun dry the seeds for about a week.
  4. Roast the dried seeds in a frying pan. When the cocoa seeds are well roasted it gives  off a nice smell and popping sounds.
  5. Let the seeds cool then remove the outer shells of the cocoa seeds.
  6. Next put these roasted cocoa seeds into a blender and blend moderately.
  7. There you have it, your cocoa powder is ready to prepare a nice Chocolate drink.

Note. If you over blend the roasted cocoa seeds it turns into a cocoa paste or chocolate paste. 

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