How to Make Coconut Oil

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is what you can do yourself at home

What you need;

  1. Coconut; well chopped into small pieces. It makes it easier to blend or grind this way.
  2. Blender or grinder; use a high speed blender rated around 700W and above.
  3. Sieve bag
  4. Bucket of clean water.
  5. Another bucket to hold the  coconut fibre residue.
  6. Cooking pot; to cook the coconut milk until oil is formed.
  7. cooker.



Blend the coconut chops. Use water to blend. Blend to as smooth as possible.

Pour the blended coconut juice into the sieve clot bag which is partially submerged in a bucket of clean water.

Making coconut ou$

Using your hand and making sure that the coconut mixture in the sieve cloth bag is submerged in water, squeeze the bag to extract the coconut milk into the water.

Only pour into the sieve bag, the amount of blended coconut mixture you can handle at a time.

When done, cover the bucket containing the coconut milk/ water mixture for about 5 hours for settlement to take place.

The coconut milk should settle on top of the water.

Carefully scoop the coconut milk into a cooking pot.

Place the coconut milk in the cooking pot on the cooker, set the cooker to medium heat.

Coconut oil

Bring the coconut milk to boil. Stirring intermittently until it becomes pasty. When it becomes a thick paste (creamy white) oil will start to form. Continue stirring until the thick paste becomes brown. By this time more oil has been formed. As oil is formed the brown residue continues to reduce until  coconut oil formed is much more than the brown residue.. There will still be some brown residue left when done. Don’t let the brown residue burn or else a black coconut oil will result.

Allow coconut oil to cool down before pouring into a bottle.

coconut oil

Note; the volume of oil produced is much smaller than the quantity of coconut processed.My experience in making coconut oil for this article; Ten standard coconut  produced about 25cl of coconut oil.

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