Coffee: How it’s made at home

Roasted Coffee beans

Coffee tastes great. Freshly brewed coffee tastes much better than instant coffee. This article briefly explains how you can process and make fresh coffee at home.

There ar e about 5 process involved in the prepare fresh coffee:

Harvesting the coffee cherries:

Coffee cherries

A ripe coffee cherry is red in  colour. A newly planted coffee tree can take up to 4 years before it can produce seedlings.

Removing the outer skin of the coffee :

Hand machine that removes the outer skin of coffee cherries.

 A special milling machine will do this for you. It will remove the outer skin of the coffee cherries and revealling the coffee beans.

Spreading the coffee beans in the sun to dry.

Drying wet coffee beans

Spread the wet coffee beans under the sun to dry. It can take 2-3 days for the beans to completely dry

Removing the parchment: 

Remove parchment by slight blending
Using a blower to remove parchment

This can be done using a coffee blender. Grind the beans lightly and then use a blower to remove the parchment.

Roasting the coffee beans.

Roasting coffee beans

You can do this with a frying pan. Make sure you keep stirring the beans while roasting

Blending the roasted coffee beans.

Blending coffee beans

blend the roasted coffee beans using a coffee or similar blender.

Prepare your fresh coffee.

Preparing coffer

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