Car Manufacturing; How the New Mercedes C class is made

The car manufacturing process is developing year on year. Several years ago it was done manually. Nowadays it is drifting towards a full automatic car manufacturing process. This article will briefly describe how the new Mercedes C class is manufactured.

The skeletal body of the Mercedes is made from weatherproof steel. This steel which comes in flat rolls are cut into various sizes and pressed moulded into the required shapes and body parts by heavy robotic machines.

The body frame parts are then transported to the assembly point where again, robotic machines assemble the car body frame, riveting, screwing or welding the parts to one another.

Next the assembled body frame is taken for painting. The robotic machines do the painting work.

The painting work is carefully inspected by human workers for any defects.

After painting is done and fully dried, all other parts of the car such as engine, wheels, headlights,and car interior are put in place.

Finally the finished manufactured car is carefully inspected and test driven before it is put up for sale.

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