Ahmed Musa has 98 Caps not 100, Celebrations Delayed

FIFA says Ahmed Musa has played 98 times for Nigeria , Nigerian Football Federation  said 100…., And the winner is… FIFA. 

NFF made the claim after Nigeria’s 2-1 win over Cape Verde in a World cup qualifier played on September 7th. 

Actually, Ahmed Musa had played 100 matches for the Super Eagles but two of those matches were not recognized by FIFA. One was a world cup qualifying game between Nigeria and Algeria in 2018 which ended 1-1, but the match was awarded to Algeria because Nigeria fielded an ineligible player. The second was a friendly against togo in 2017 in which Nigeria won 3-0 but the game was declared unofficial by FIFA.

However the NFF after admitting their error said Ahmed Musa will complete his 100 caps when he features in the home and away matches against the Central African Republic in October.

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