Common problems your vehicle may have

Continuous degradation of fuel we use in our car engines produces some substantial amount of heavy and sticky residue. This substance can block fuel and oil flow through the engine. It makes engine parts wear out prematurely. Removing this residue from your engine will make your engine last much longer. Below are some problems you may notice with your car.

Car doesn’t come on or does so after several attempts.

If your car doesn’t start right away in the morning, or takes several attempts to do so. The car may be suffering from any of the following;

Substantial amount of dirt in fuel injector, carburettor or fuel filter, bad spark plug or coil, bad or faulty fuel pump.

Rough idle

Rough idle means the rate at which the engine runs when the throttle is not pressed.

Most car and truck engines idle steady at 600 to 1200 RPM. A good engine will idle smoothly and quietly. If your car is doing rough idle, you will notice that the engine looks shaky with a substantial amount of vibration and unpleasant noises. Causes include dirty fuel injector/carburettor, bad spark plugs and vacuum air leaks. 

Engine suddenly stops running.

It is called engine stall. its when the engine suddenly dies when its supposed to be running. Though the engine may start back up again. Stalling may indicate an inadequate amount of fuel or air going into the engine. causes include bad spark plug, bad coil or dirty air filter.


If your engine has a delayed response when you press down the throttle,then it may have the hesitation problem.Common causes include clogged fuel filter, dirty fuel injectors, failing spark plugs or plug wires, vacuum/air leak, weak fuel pump and bad fuel.

If your car doesn’t run, accelerate & climb hills as fast as it normally should then it may be suffering from power loss. It could also be caused by any, some or all of these;clogged fuel filter, bad fuel injectors, failing/faulty spark plugs or plug wires, vacuum/air leak, weak fuel pump and low quality  fuel.

In conclusion, for you car to operate smoothly have your car serviced at least every six months

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