How to care for your car battery

The battery in your car is designed to kickstart your car. It provides the needed voltage to the kickstarter necessary to start your vehicle. The commonly used battery is the sealed lead acid battery.The battery is usually maintenance free and when it wont charge properly anymore discard and get a new one. The lifespan of a typical car lead acid battery is 1-2 years..

How to care for your car battery

Never let the battery run down or discharge completely. Even a single occurrence can severely damage the battery. May sure head, parking and interior light are not on when you park and exit the vehicle. Make sure you switch  off the car completely and no appliance is discharging the battery when you are not using the vehicle.

Make sure battery terminals are well connected.

When battery light indicator comes on in the dashboard, quickly have the alternator and battery checked by qualified personnel

Peripheral electronic devices for use in your car should be used when the engine is running. 

If you use a do it yourself maintenance lead acid battery , always check the electrolyte level and fill with distilled water if it falls below the marked minimum.

Your car battery is not designed for inverter indoor use. Using your car battery for this purpose will quickly damage the battery.

Indications that your car battery will soon need replacement

  1. Engine fails to start quickly and smarter than before
  2. Battery Indicator comes on the dashboard
  3. You always have to tighten and retight the terminals a considerable number of times  you start the engine. 
  4. White residue on the battery terminal.
  5. Battery always discharges before the next morning.
  6. Battery performance has greatly reduced. Runs down quickly under little load.

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