Caution: When raising your Vehicle

Raising your vehicle means to lift up your car at the side (to change tires) or at the front and back (to work under the car).  Vehicles are raised using a jack.  Be cautious when raising your vehicle with a jack as any mistakes can result in serious injury.

Take the following precautions

  1. Do not put any part of your body or get underneath the vehicle supported only by the jack
  2. Always place the jack on a solid, level surface before using it to raise your vehicle.
  3. Do not start the engine while the vehicle is supported by only by the jack.
  4. Stop the vehicle on level firm ground, firmly set the parking brake and put the shift lever in P (automatic transmission) or R (manual transmission)
  5. Make sure that the jack is properly set at the jack point on your car.
  6. Don’t raise the vehicle with someone inside.

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