Definition of some Concrete related terms in Civil Engineering



This is the bind or matrix that binds rock particles and sand grains together in the presence of water to form a solid concrete mass.



The process of injecting cement grout under pressure into cracked rocks to strengthen and make them watertight.

Cement grout:

cement grouting

Fluid slurry for injection into joints of brickwork or masonry.



A mixture of sand, stone, water  and cement which hardens to a stone like mass. Concrete is used in various civil engineering and building works.

Concrete mixer:

concrete mixer

A machine that mixes cement, sand , water and graded rock particles to form concrete in a fast and efficient manner.

Concrete pile: 

concrete pile

A reinforced concrete precast pile driven into the ground.

Concrete pump:

concrete pump

Pumping machines that can pump concrete at the rate of over 50m³/h to  about 500m away or 50m height.

Concrete testing.

concrete testing

These are standard tests conducted on concrete cubes after 28 days of curing. It is usually done on site to assess the strength of concrete mix.

Concrete spreader

concrete spreader

A road building machine that uniformly spreads concrete or Asphalt poured in front of it.

Cast in place concrete.

concrete cast in place

Concrete structure that is moulded on site and not assembled with precast units.

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