How to Install a Steel Gate of a House

A gate is an entrance into a fenced building. Gates  can be made of wood or steel. However steel is the more common material used. Steel gates are installed supported by steel or concrete columns or both. Because steel gates are heavy, they usually require strong column support. 

You might have noticed that gates are mostly installed with fat concrete column supports. But it can also be installed with a leaner steel column. However a gate installed with a fat reinforced concrete column can help resist impact damage than that installed with only a steel column.

Steel gates can be installed with readymade columns made of steel or precast column units. It can also be installed with reinforced concrete columns casted Insitu. This article will briefly discuss how a steel gate can be installed with reinforced concrete columns casted Insitu.

How a Steel gate is installed supported by two  concrete columns casted Insitu.

1 The base of the columns is first excavated; it should be at least 300mm deep with length and breadth of at least 1000mm.

Gate installation: based prepared

2. The base reinforcement is inserted as well as the column reinforcement bars which must be truly vertical.

3. Next the prepared mix concrete is poured inside the excavated column base to the required level.

4. After about an hour when the  column base has hardened a little, the gate can be propped in place, making sure that the gate is securely attached to the column reinforcement using the connectors installed with the gate.

5. Next the column formwork is put in place and we’ll propped. Make sure the gate and column formwork is plumb.

Column formwork being put in place

6.  Pour the already mixed concrete into the column formwork.

Concrete poured into column formwork

7. Wait for at least 7 days before removing props and formwork. The gate should be ready for use after 28days of casting.

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