4 things you need to generate electrical energy from the sun

I’m sure you are reading this because you plan to set up a solar system for generating electricity. Or you need basic information on solar system setup. You are in the right place. 

Let’s go straight to the point.

Items you need to set up a solar system for electricity generation

1  Solar panel

solar panels

Simply put, solar panels convert energy from the sun into electrical energy. Solar panels are durable. A good one can last 10 years. Cost of solar panels varies depending on size. As of writing this article, the cost of a 100w solar panel is around 20 thousand naira.

2. Solar charge controller

Solar charge controller

As the name implies. It controls/regulates electricity coming from the solar panels. It also helps to charge the battery and direct DC current from battery to inverter. It costs about 10,000 naira upwards depending on size, quality and capability.

3. Battery


The battery stores electrical energy produced by the solar panels and discharges through the inverter when needed. Cost of battery varies by size and quality. A 7ah battery can cost as low as 5,000 naira.

4. Inverter


The inverter converts direct current produced by the solar panel / battery To alternating current needed to run your electrical appliances. Except you only need direct current, you will need the inverter. As the others cost of inverter varies by size, quality and capability. A 500 W inverter costs around 10,000 naira.

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