How to give a picture a transparent background using photoshop

Making the background of a picture transparent may become necessary if you want to place that picture within another picture. If the picture you want to place within doesn’t have a transparent background, the whole image may not look nice. Below is a short video on how to remove the background of a picture and make it transparent.

The steps are as follows;

Create a copy of the photo and use the copy for editing. 

Open the image with photoshop

To make the image editable, double click on its layer and click ok

Use the quick selection tool to select the part of the image that is not background.

Save the selection.

Next , with your selection still active, select the inverse.  This will select the background portion of the image.

Use the eraser tool to erase the background portion of the image to transparent.

Export the image as png with transparency enabled.

Watch the video for detailed process

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