Have you ever visited a website that looks like the original but on carefully observation its fake, if so, someone might be trying to steal your personal information such as login details.

What is Phishing

Phishing is a process of trying to find private information such as PINs and passwords by trickery. It is achieved creating a fake website and make the login page look like the original. On you inputing your login details, they are stored by the hacker and used for nefarious activities.

For instance if it was a fake facebook page that you entered your login details, the hacker will have access to your account and can use it to send unauthorized messages, adverts, close your account etc. If it was a fake internet banking login page; on inputting your login details the person may now have access to your account, view you credit information and even withdraw money.

What to do if you have been Phished

  1. Run antivirus software in your computer device
  2. Change the password of the affected account.
  3. If you cannot access your account call customer care agent .

How to prevent being phished

Check carefully the website structure/login page that it is exactly the original.

Ensure the web address uses https and not http.

Web browsers such a Google chrome may issue a warning if it suspects phishing.

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