How to Setup a Google Account

How to setup a Google Account

  1. Using your internet browser go to:
  1. Enter your name into the placeholders provided. Input a name for your address. If the name is already taken you will be given alternatives. If you are not satisfied with the alternatives, continue inputting names of your own until it is accepted.
  2. Complete the remainder of the information requested and agree to Google’s term of service to move to the next stage. You can start using your google account at this stage. Your new Google account comes bundled with a lot of apps including:


google docs ( similar to Microsoft office)

google drive (15Gb free online storage)

google photos 

and much more, all in one place.

  1. You will then be taken to the core of YourAccount page. Here you have the opportunity to fully customize your account and provide a higher level of security for your account. You can edit and update your personal information as well. In fact there are many things you can do on this page to make your Google account truly yours.
  2. By clicking on the top right icon of your accounts page you can change your profile picture if you like

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