Imposed Loads for Residential Buildings

Floor usageDistributed load (kN/)Concentrated load (kN)
Type 1: self contained dwellings 1.51.4
Type 2: Apartment houses, boarding houses, hotels, residential clubs, block of flats .
Boiler rooms, motor rooms, fan rooms and the like.7.54.5
Communial kitchens, laundries34.5
Dinning, lounges, billiard rooms22.7
Toilet rooms2
Bedroom, dormitories 1.51.8
Corridors, stairs, landings, foor bridges, balconies 34.5
Type 3: Hotels & Motels
Boiler rooms, motor rooms, fan rooms and the like. Including weight of machinery7.54.5
Assembly areas without fixed sitting, dancehall bars 53.6
Assembly areas with fixed sitting4
Corridors, stairs, hallways, landings, footbridges etc44.5
Kitchens, laundries 34.5
Dinning, lounges, billiard rooms22.7
Toilet rooms2

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