Risks Cyber Security Mitigates


Cyber security helps reduce risks arising from  misuse of , confidential  and personal information.


Risks  emanating from unauthorized access into customers’ bank account  to steal money is cut to the nearest minimum. Banks take the issue of protecting their data seriously. As a successful episode of cyber attack will make them lose many customers


Whether you work on your own or far an organization. It is very important that sensitive data and private communication be kept safe. More so when some individuals might want to gain access to such information to your detriment. These types of risks can be controlled with a well thought out cyber security structure in place.


We have  businesses at their peak suddenly crumble, because their websites/ bank accounts were hacked. A very successful online business equally needs good security to prevent cybercriminals from  bringing down in minutes what took years to build.

Personal risks

Many people store private and sensitive information in their phones. Examples include explicit photos and activities deemed not acceptable to their social circles. Imagine the embarrassment and harm such information could cause if leaked.

The onus is on the individual to keep his private information secure. 

I’m not a fan of storing sensitive information in mobile phones but if you do it, then take steps to protect  information from leaking. Some of the ways you can make sensitive data in your phone inaccessible is the using a password and encrypting the storage for added security.

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